No poverty

No one on our planet should live in poverty. 

How can I provide myself and others? 

No Hunger

No one on our planet should have ever hunger!

But what has hunger to do with myself?


Health depends on many factors, especially the health of the environment. 

How can I be more heathy with a healthy planet?

Quality Education

With the offer of the SDG-roots programme, we support you in using the 17 goals for your own visions.

How can I make a shortcut for my sustainability education project? 


What special achievements do women have in sustainability?

How can I move my sustainability project forward?

Clean Water

Water is essential for survival! 

How do we use water and sanitation more wisely?

New Energy

Saving energy is the most powerful tool against climate change. 

What can I do to save energy?

Good Jobs and Economic Growth

Being sustainable and environmentally friendly, also in the workplace! 

How can I achieve a job and economic growth with sustainability!

Innovation and Infrastructure

New sustainable ideas need marketing

How can I help and benefit with my sustainability initiatives?

Reduce Inequalities

Respect and mindfulness is a high human good!

How can I bring more justice into the world?

Sustainable Cities and Communities 

Cities in particular need to put all the sustainability goals together!

How can I identify my strengths in order to have a better impact? 

Responsible consumption

Sustainable production methods can be recognised.

What do we actually have to pay attention to in order to buy more sustainably?  

Climate Protection Measures

Everything is somehow connected to everything else.

Wie kann ich die Zusammenhänge besser verstehen? 

Life under Water

Come to know our beautiful planet. 

Do you believe in artful meanings?

Life on Land

Come to know our beautiful planet. 

Do you like flowers and animals?

Peace and Justice

Peace is an inner attitude.

What do the 17 Sustainable Development Goals have to do with justice and peace?

We like to support the 17th goal: to win and bring to life partnerships for the sustainable developement in the 21 Century in the year 2021