"My mission is to inspire people through art and actions with and in nature - to inspire their own sustainable dreams for life and to support them in conceiving, living and designing their own eco-friendly approaches, practices, products, and markets."

"Through my many years of experience with artistic and sustainable environmental projects, I feel called to support people who are about to embark on their personal, wonderful and sustainable journey into the future and want to lead their own vision or new action to concrete success." 

Dr. phil. Insa Winkler is a freelance visual artist, Landscape Planner and a Culture and Sustainability Scientist. She’s dedicated more than 35 years creating art that examines the connection between people, the environment and society to raise awareness of our cultural responsibility concerning environmental, social and climate protection issues.

Her work has been featured at the COP United Nations Conference against Climate Change and around the world, in the United States, Russia, China, Europe, South Korea and the Middle East.

Insa Winkler is the founder of Social Landart Practice and the cofounder of the collaborative artists foundation, artecology_network. To learn and incorporate sustainability practices in your own life and work, learn more about earn more about Insa Winkler’s artistic art based coaching practice.

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