The project "Find your sustainable root", which the visual artist and environmental activist Insa Winkler has created, offers a program for people who are looking for their own appropriate ways to find more certainty, joy and creativity in dealing with the 17 sustainable goals. The offer motivates more desire and energy to identify their own sustainable life goals and to consciously integrate them into everyday practice. 


The „ Zukunftsinstitut“ describes a society that thinks globally and acts locally in 2040. This means that every person bears responsibility for the common planet Earth and is also aware of what to do and what not to do. Each person can and must focus on his or her own special abilities and can share these with others and shape them according to the locations in which they live. 


To this end, UNESCO has identified 17 key themes for sustainable development: the 17 so-called "Sustainability Goals". Their themes encompass as a whole all areas of life of all people and the related concerns of our planet Earth, which is now shaped by us humans in the period of Anthropocene and which is producing massive climatic changes through collective human influence. 


It is now a matter of how we - or each individual, as the case may be - implement our own life perspectives as quickly and easily as possible in order to save the Earth as a habitat. The challenge is great: the goals include poverty, food, health, education, gender, rights, justice, nature, hygiene, energy, water, air, economy, infrastructure, cities, life on land , oceans, peace and cooperation. From the current hopelessness of paying attention to and understanding all these issues in the short term, we need initiatives that provide and accompany concrete positive perspectives. In the matter of sustainability, there are ultimately only individual solutions. 


Many people feel overwhelmed and therefore do not know where to start at all. The way to one's own sustainability is linked to special learning objectives and to special key human competencies (unesco_education_for_sustainable_development_goals_learning_objectives), which make it possible to recognize and use one's own potentials and sustainable capabilities with regard to the global challenges for oneself - i.e. each person for himself in his living environment. 


The so called "SDG-roots program" by Insa Winkler offers since 2021 regular digital gatherings via Zoom, as well as real workshops. Insa Winkler accompanies these facilitated discovery processes with creative support and tested and proven methods. The participants are guided to their own core needs. On the basis of the SDGs, their own focal points can be identified. Through the exchange of self-experiences a common learning takes place. Recognizing solutions to problems has the potential to put integrated approaches to solutions into action, with others and also to simplify the complex interrelationships. The inner engagement with the SDG's is not theoretical, but based on the principles that every human being has unique creative potential to make their health, well-being and sensual and social needs satisfying. 


The offers (dates on request: / include both short workshops for the basic principles of how everyone can use the SDG's to find and reflect on their own life designs, up to accompanying concrete and actual change processes that are oriented towards one's own self-commitment to more sustainability. The offers are directed at companies, municipalities, as well as private individuals and families. The programmatic repetition of the accompaniment of finding and implementation guarantees the sustainable rooting of the results. Also a unique participation assures very concrete personal action steps to identify. 

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